Microduct system elements

An essential element of the system are microtubes with diameter from 3 mm up to 16 mm. Microducts open new possibilities when we talk about design and implementation of telecommunication network. Microtubes are used to multiply number of slots within the existing tele-technical canalization. To the couple or even tens ducts of different diameters, cables or fiber bundles can be blown or pulled using the mechanical methods. Full range of diameters allows to adjust capacity to future extension of the network. There are ducts in standard, flame retardant and direct buried versions.

Microducts can be joined in pre-fabricated foiled duct bundles (MT-WFx type) and also as installed within existing canalization, in secondary pipes or direct underground. There is also possibility to use duct bundle with already installed cable (power, coaxial, fiber optic).

For microducts joining, sealing between microducts and HDPE pipe or microcable and microduct special joining and sealing accessories are needed. MetroJET includes all necessary accessories for all microducts diameters.

Particular duct bundles are ready, prefabricated ducts which include up to dozen of standard microtubes with configuration of different diameters. Choice of right configuration depends on the location within fiber optic network structure (connective tubes, tubes for a distribution networks, pipes in the access layer, etc.). Prefabricated pipes are available in three options: direct buried ducts with double jacket designed for underground lying (MT-DBP type) in the open trench or after plow layer,  secondary pipe with single jacket (MT-DTP type) for a pulling into the existing pipe and also as a universal tubes HDPE with microduct bundle inside (MT-DSP type).

Pre-fabricated ducts require an addition of wide range of joining accessories which are needed to lay sealed ducts connections or branching. Full offer of such elements designed especially for microduct system, allows to perform easy connections, branching or sealing between the particular elements of the network.

Integrated part of MetroJET system are fiber optic microcables with specially chosen diameter and material of outer jacket for microduct application. We have in offer microcables with capacity of 2-24 fibers (diameter starts from 1,2 mm – 3 mm), through cables with capacity of 12-72/ 96  fibers (diameter max 5,7 mm – 6,6 mm) up to cables with 144-192 fibers and with diameter of such max 9,5 mm. There is also available special cables equipment as a part of station and line cable network (frames, enclosures etc.).

Installation services as: cable and microducts bundle blowing to the existing HDPE pipes (pneumatic method) requires to use blowing device which complies with the recommended in technical documentation of MetroJET. Service provided together with device use are available through the Certified Installators Network. Service include full implementation, accomplishment, design, blowing service (cables, microtubes and bundle of tubes).

Important MetroJET system element are also trainings within Certification program, which is conducted by FIBRAIN Academy.